Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Unconventional Gourmet

Director - Wendy Keeling
Starring - Wendy Keeling, Wynn Reichert, Manon Guy
Short - Horror Comedy

4 Out of 5

"A Horror Meal Served with a Smile and Touch of Yesteryear Style.
Refreshing, Bold, and Clever!"
Charred Remains

Twelve minutes and twenty-eight seconds of yummy horror was served up from  writer/director Wendy Keeling that left this reviewer hungering for more. The Unconventional Gourmet has a refreshing aroma that shows you can make a horror story without sex and foul language. 

"I have this recipe, I've been dying to make, but it takes a very special ingredient..."

Rosina Leckermaul (Wendy Keeling) spending the afternoon cooking, when she hears someone at the front door...two sweet round faced orphans selling candy to raise money for their orphanage. Rosina smiles and agreed to purchase the candy.

Later the same day, another visitor arrived nervous and raddled. Mr. Piper (Wynn Reichert) the director of local orphanage was in a state up upset as he asked Rosina if she had seen two of his kid earlier in the day. They were missing and he was desperate to find them.

Rosina Leckermaul (Wendy Keeling)

Rosina invited the visitor into her home she enticed him with her fresh baked cookies as she prepared a plate for her guest. She served the frazzled Mr. Piper a nice dinner and through the course of the meal the two struck up a wicked partnership.

I do not want to give too much away in my review, but the partnership struck up by these two adults is wicked for sure and is loaded with calories!

Six drops of blood and Eye in the Sky

I absolutely loved this short film. It was loaded with charm and enough homemade sweets to give you a bellyache. Rosina is a unique character. Director Wendy Keeling had dresses made from retro fabrics and the blender used in her character's kitchen was hers! Rosina is the epitome of style and grace. She is a woman from a bygone era where women took care of their homes and cooked from scratch without any fast food short-cuts. Rosina believes in proper etiquette and through the years, she watched as her way of life fell into decline. This film and its character try to resurrect the way that suits Rosina far better than the modern woman. Does it succeed? You have to see this film! 

My favorite scene in the beginning and the end. It was during a recent chat with the director Wendy Keeling that the opening and end scenes were explained. The story opened with what looked like someone who had jumped out of a plane with a camera and the viewer watched as the camera descended from above straight to the Rosina's front door. Beautifully shot and far from a shaky cam by a nervous sky was a DRONE. Wendy confirmed that the drone was used before laws were put in place against the use of drones with camera. But it was a beautiful shot and a real "wow" moment for the film. 

Left to right: Hugo (Grayson Kilpatrick), Mr. Piper (Wynn Reichert) and Grace (Manon Guy).

The story took a turn when Grace (Manon Guy) and Hugo (Grayson Kilpatrick) arrived to sell candy. What followed was classic and sweet. This film is a dark comedy that will either have you laughing out loud or covering your mouth to keep from laughing at the absurdity and the family recipes. If you happen to see this film playing at a film festival or con, do not hold back, let it out. It's meant to be enjoyed from the first bite of Rosina's homemade cookies to her delicious final meal. Wendy Keeling, her cast and crew have served up a dish fit for a horror fan and one that I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

The Unconventional Gourmet can be enjoyed free of language, sex and violence. I cannot vouch for the caloric intake or fat content, but it was free of the elements that seem to frequent films of this genre. No breasts were bared nor any sex on the table happened and the absence of these things does not take away from the integrity of the story. The filmmaker assured Charred Remains that only "six drops of blood were used" and the eye in the sky was in fact "a drone". The creativity is evident from start to finish. The actors were fun and the story was well executed (forgive the pun).

It's safe to say this film is a good recipe for Blue Ribbons and many other awards on the festival circuit. Horror fans may recognize the name Rosina Leckermaul and if not the name will make a good trivia question. To date, The Unconventional Gourmet has been doing quite well at the festivals. To stay up-to-date with the film and its awards, click here. I thought the film was refreshing, bold and clever.4 Out of 4. It is a must see!


  1. Thank you so much for the review! Glad you got my slightly demented sense of humor!!!!

  2. A twisted, wicked delight served with charm and a smile. :)