Thursday, September 29, 2016


Horror Novelette 

4 out of 5

"Fans of Zombies and The People of Wal-Mart will love this short story.
Black Friday is wildly entertaining with a fresh new take on a Zombie outbreak that will have you craving more from this author."
Charred Remains Reviews

Zombie fans, if you are looking for fresh meat with a new spin on your favorite sub-genre, then I highly recommend you feast your eyes on Craig Sawyer's novelette, BLACK FRIDAY. It will leave you craving for more. 

Black Friday is freaking funny as hell. I could not stop reading it and I laughed at the zany adventure that was told in under forty pages. Short though it was it was packed with action, blood and vivid depictions of a colorful cast of characters that may remind you of "people of Wal-Mart". 

Craig Sawyer has created the perfect solution to "what will they think of next" in terms of finding new spin on zombie type stories. BF would make for a fun film or television show in the vein of The Evil Dead that could create a whole new cult following like the widely popular The Walking Dead.

Sawyer's characters were vivid and from conversations with the author, it was shared that he knows what he is talking about in dealing with the public in a retail setting. One of the lines from the story spoke of the character's shift as the "dreaded ghoul shift". I liked that. I too worked in a similar setting and know the hardship of serving the public, but also the rewards of it, too. What he has shared are some quite memorable customers that many who work in retail will recognize and chuckle over their crazy antics. 

The story is 40 pages with its fast paced action it doesn't take a long time to read. I have read it several times and gleam something new after each reading. Horror fans will recognize many references to particular horror films and one thing that stuck out was the endearing comment regarding George Romero during a particularly scary time in the story. One character flipped over a skateboard to reveal a zombified Romero picture which resulted in the quip, "The Romero is with us". It is obvious that Sawyer is a horror fan himself who has crafted a homage to the zombie lore while showing his horror knowledge while including a beloved creator "The Godfather of Zombiedom mfkn George Romero".

I was given a copy for an honest review and this is my second one. I posted a short version on Amazon and the longer version on my site. It is my sincerest wish that readers give this short-story a chance. It's fun, exciting, bloody and wildly entertaining. Amidst all the "raw meat-munching", "cantaloupe bitching" there is a good solid story that oozes with the love for horror. BF's zany characters, unique story with a fresh new form of outbreak that gets the heart pumping makes for a fantastic Retail Hell experience only found at Wally-Mart from the mind of a true horror fan. I LOVED BLACK FRIDAY and that's no bullshit. Straight up loved it! Get your hands on a BLACK FRIDAY by clicking here to download a copy today!



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