Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thrill Kill

Director Giuseppe Asaro
Starring: Adea Lennox, Max Gray Wilbur,  Todd Landon

Crime - Horror - Thriller

 3 out of 5

"Thrill Kill surprised the hell out of me!"
Charred Remains

Two male teens are thrust into a real nightmare created by Karrie (Adea Lennox) whose incident of horror at the hands of her mother's boyfriend spur her boyfriend Christian (Max Gray Wilbur) to confide into best friend Danny (Todd Landon) who decides the only way to deal with the incident is to take out the problem.

Both young men are video game junkies who believe that killing another human is no different than killing a character in a video game. When the moment that separates fantasy from reality comes face to face with the accused, can Christian and Danny deliver their promise to Karrie?

This film was given to me for an honest review and I hope my words deliver my true feelings on the matter of fantasy game playing compared to real life murder. The subject matter described by Karrie to her boyfriend and their friend is a strong slap in the face to what befell her character. What I didn't see coming was the how or the why? No spoilers. The way the film was told with going back and zooming in on certain parts of the story unfolds in a way that explains everything without befuddling the viewer. Nicely done. 

The teens exuded what bordered on overly confident and cockiness, when it came to their mercenary skills that they were only too eager to demonstrate. The two young men were in a frenzied state of emotion and testosterone at the audacity of what Bud (Kadu Lennox) did to Karrie. Their sole mission was to terminate their target. The baddest of all conquests and they felt sure that they could deliver because of their skills with a game controller.

However, this film and its female character had her own ideas. I do not wish to spoil the film, because it has a surprising twist, one I didn't see coming.  It is with my hope and recommendation that viewers give this dark gem a chance and bear through the slow burn for a fulfilling ending. This ending had my lips lifting in a satisfying smile and deep sigh at the end. Nicely played by the least expected character to manipulate the situation to suit their own desires.  

I liked the story more than anything. The actors in my opinion were fair in their skills, but the story had a life of its own and the actions it placed its young cast in created enough of a diversion that the mediocre acting was overshadowed by a strong solid story. The director had a good sense of what to give and when to give it with a wicked twist. 

Be forewarned it is a slow burn. Almost to the point of excruciating but hang in there it gets to the point and the truth of the matter was worth the wait. 

Thrill Kill is not to be overlooked! It had a strong story, solid twist and good music throughout. I think viewers will be surprised with this film...in a good way. It surprised the hell out of me.

video games, violence against women, survival, revenge

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