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Director: Jason Armstrong
Stars: Emily Alatalo, Jennifer Polansky, Coline Paradine, Andrew Roth and Ry Barrett



"Jason Armstrong is one twisted fucker! Inspiration is a mind-bender that takes the viewer to another dimension of horror. This film will seriously have you doubting your own sanity. It did not disappoint!"
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The men and women involved in this film are some of my favorites in Canadian Independent Horror. They always deliver and have yet to disappoint this reviewer. I was thrilled when writer/director Jason Armstrong asked if I was still reviewing, because it gave me this wonderful opportunity to view his film. 

Fans of Stephen King will love this story. There's a nod to the horror author in that the main character Samantha who shares a King-like name...Kingsley. Another similarity is that Samantha is a horror author as well.  Portrayed by the beautiful Emily Alatalo (The Scarehouse/Neverlost), Samantha Kingsley is an exceptional horror writer who decides to switch genres and try her hand at writing romance. 

All writers at one time or the other comes to a certain crossroad, where they want to try something new. It is the job of their publisher to remind them what made them popular in the first place and sometimes persuade them to stick with their genre and not take a risk on genre switch. Such is the case with INSPIRATION. Samantha's publisher asks her to rethink her decision and to abandon romance and return to horror. The publisher utilizes the perfect opportunity and offers it to Samantha.

Left to right: Jennifer Polansky, Emily Alatalo

Samantha's relationship with her husband Mark Kingsley (The Demolisher/Antisocial) is tested by weakness of the flesh and results in immediate separation. Upon further reflection, Samantha decides to take her publisher's writing opportunity and moves out. New location is needed and she moves to a secluded house in the mountains. And from that point on...everything is upside down.

I don't want to spoil the film and will cease to give away more of the plot, but I highly recommend this mind-bending film. You will see things and by the end of the film question your own sanity. INSPIRATION is a dark foray into a maddening state that will leave you to wonder, but because of how it is played out, you will be satisfied with the ending. It is twisted, shocking and I loved every moment of it!

It's hard to break down the other actors and mention who they were and how they connected to Samantha without giving away too much. Suffice to say their performances were memorable and once again provided a pleasurable viewing seeing so many of my favorites in one film. 

Film festivals will want to add this film. It's edgy, intriguing, disturbing and it's like an intricate puzzle that horror fans will enjoy trying to figure out. If someone involved in a festival should read this review, look for Jason Armstrong and request his film to be in your festival. It is well worth my recommendation for your festival. 

Emily Alatalo as "Samantha Kingsley"

For those of you that have read my reviews on my other blog, then you are familiar with the names: Ryan "Ry" Barrett, Emily Alatalo, Jennifer Polanksy, Colin Paradine and Andrew Roth and if you are new to my reviews and these actors, then it is my highest recommendation that you seek out the films of which all these actors starred. 

Look for: The Demolisher (Ry Barrett), The Scarehouse (Emily Alatalo), 48 Hours in Purgatory (Andrew Roth, Emily Alatalo), SICK: Survive the Night (Jennifer Polansky), Neverlost (Ry Barrett, Emily Alatalo, Jennifer Polansky), Antisocial (Ry Barrett, Jennifer Polansky), Backwater (Andrew Roth), Abolition (Andrew Roth, Ry Barrett, Emily Alatalo, Colin Paradine) and Dead Genesis (Ry Barrett, Emily Alatalo, Colin Paradine).

I would like to thank Jason Armstrong for allowing me to experience his film. I say this with utmost respect, "Jason you are one twisted fucker!" I enjoy watching your films. I look forward to many more to come.

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