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New Psychedelic Horror Adventure 'Amethyst' premieres on Amazon Prime
The most shocking silent horror film since Nosferatu. Amethyst, written and directed by psycho-sensationalist, Jared Masters (Slink, Ballet of Blood). Shot in 4-K resolution, in a secret garden, this highly anticipated feature film is now available to watch free with an Amazon Prime subscription, or rent or download to own (DVD coming soon). This phenomenal picture was the Semi-Finalist this year at the Los Angeles CineFest and Winner at the UHD 4K Film Festival, in South Korea, where it will be broadcasted on local television (SkyTV). 

Trapped in a trip. The incredible true story of Amethyst, the girl who accidentally consumed a full vial of LSD, on her 17th birthday, and inevitably begins losing her mind. Follow along, as this profound psychedelic adventure unfolds.

She took too much.

Will she ever return to this side of reality again? Will her best friend, Ember, who gave her the gift, find her, in time?

One drop is enough.

Consumed by a kaleidoscope of wonder, Amethyst discovers a whole new existence above ours, inhabited by female vampires, piccolo-playing eunuchs, romantic noblemen, river nymphs, mystical floating orbs, and a giant stone pyramid that may be her portal home.

A fragile mind in a delicate body.

What critics are saying…

“…heavy on style and trippy nuance, AMETHYST is one LSD trip appreciators of art house horror will definitely want to check out. In this dialog-less experimental film, a pair of women take some LSD and go on a sometimes beautiful/sometimes haunting trek across a mansion grounds, a countryside, along a river, and through a cemetery. Writer/director Jared Masters gives these two damsels room to explore the locale and come in contact with some pretty trippy things along this fantastical journey. AMETHYST is a psychedelic little pill worth popping.”
– Ain’t It Cool News

"I don't think I've seen a worse film...just a bore."
Randibee IMDB User Review
"I am sure there were a lot a symbolism and metaphors I didn't get, but the film wasn't worth thinking about. Grace Kilch is in nearly ever scene. It is like watching somebody else's acid trip...oh it is."
The Movie Guy Amazon Prime Review

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...

NOW here's what I have to say about AMETHYST...

Director - Jared Masters
Starring: Grace Klich, Valerie Miller, Derrick Biedenback, Olivia Yohai, Jared Masters and Vincent Joel

Adventure - Fantasy - Horror
Left to Right: Grace Klich "Amethyst and Valerie Miller "Ember"

A young woman named Amethyst is given a gift on her seventeenth birthday from friend, Ember. Inside the box is tiny bottle with a stopper. Amethyst glances briefly at the card but not reading it fully before she opens the bottle and drinks the entire bottle. It is only then that she sees at the bottom of her card a "PS. Just one drop". 


Amethyst begins to stroll the grounds of a nice estate (movie was filmed in Virginia) complete with lush gardens and Koi fish pond. As she strolls, the contents of the bottle begin to explode in her blood stream and she exhibits one in the beginning of a psychedelic trip. 

The friend who gifted the liquid soon arrives behind her at the house and sees the emptied bottle and grows concerned for her friend and traces the steps Amethyst has taken. It takes some time but the two meet up and from there the trip begins to look like an explorative of touch and sound as the drug continues to course through Amethyst's body.  The women dance and frolic and at one point Amethyst is drawn away by a mysterious man described as the Eunuch Bridgekeeper (Derrick Biedenback). His presence is whimsical and odd. 

Her journey leads to an interlude in the meadow where bread and wine turn deadly, to a cemetery where a day walker takes a bite and drinks her blood to an erotic moment with Ember with a chalice of blood. The trip culminates with a dip with a water nymph and leads...well maybe you should just experience for yourself!

My thoughts on the film...

Before I go any further...this is not a film for the general horror audience. If you read my review and go out and purchase, rent or watch on your Amazon Prime account and then come back and blast me, you were forewarned. However, this film is may appeal to the Art House lover. Look deeper and you may enjoy this film on the merits of the art that was created by the artist.

What is "Art House" according to Google...An art house film is typically independently-produced, outside of the major film studio system. Major studios are reluctant to pour money into projects which are unlikely to return a profit due to the limited – often niche market – appeal of the material. 

What is Art House to me? I see all Indie films as the definition above implies, however there are those filmmakers that take it to the next level. They incorporate artistic measures that may seem to overwhelm the general audience or even bore them, but the filmmaker is striving to add diversity. They are attempting to transform from a script of words into images with hopes that it works well and sometimes not in hopes of being liked. They do it for the challenge and for their art.

Amethyst is such a film. It is independently made with the typical trappings of a low funded project. The actors are not of the highest caliber and usually the fodder for an attack review from reviewers who cannot see past their own greatness at other aspects of a film or this film in particular. Poor acting in films is a peeve of mine, but this film was different. You have a character on a mind-trip and her expressions changed like the wind. And if one is tripping, do they stop to worry with how they look or how they are acting? Hmmm...NO and in that respect Grace Klich nailed it for me. Remember how everyone gave kudos to Bryce Dallas Howard for wearing heels in Jurassic World? I give Grace major kudos for being "barefooted" throughout the film! 

Grace has an innocent naivety that transferred nicely and looked good on film. Her character has obviously never tripped before and her body and mind went through a whole different transformation in the course of her hour long trip. My favorite expression was when she dropped the purple plum and it cracked like an egg on the rocks. She looked skeptical and then she had an impish mischievous expression that I laughed out loud. It was something I would have done. It humanized her to me and I saw her more as a person and less than just another character. 

 The location was beautiful and with the masterful additions of CGI it takes the viewer on a virtual journey of colors, sights and sound. The film is dubbed a silent film with no audible dialogue. The story is placed heavily on the shoulders of the actors to portray a first trip on the hallucinogenic drug while the viewer follows. The musical score used throughout the film lends to the specifics of what is transpiring and it intensified appropriately to the scenes. 

I am not a fan of Jared Masters' films, but I did like this one. I am a lover of old silent films and although this not in the same caliber of old Hollywood, but it was a decent trial of the style. I was not bored and did not skip ahead and I did not wish it would end. I stand by my views that it is not for the general public and that's an honest assessment. I do not think I would find this film on the shelves of friends who love horror movies or even trippy films, but those who like artsy trippy Indies...take a look. You may not agree with me or even Jared but you may learn something in CGI or cinematography that you could use in your own artistic careers. 

This film is what it is a TRIP...a drugged induced mind blower and nothing about it makes sense. It doesn't have to; it wasn't meant to be understood. So do not fault someone else's trip for not making sense. Instead of looking and seeing this as a bad film, look past the prejudices of low-budget films and see the beauty of what Jared has done. He entertained this reviewer for over an hour and inspired me enough to sit down and write about it. I didn't see the need to rip it apart based on what the general horror viewer would see; I looked deeper for the positive and found it. 

 Amethyst is A Strange...Mystical...Stylish Mind Blower 
I Enjoyed the Trip. 
Char/Charred Remains Reviews

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