Monday, May 22, 2017

House on Willow Street

Director - Alastair Orr
Stars: Carlyn Burchell, Sharni Vinson, Zino Ventura


3 Out of 5

"An impressive finish to a slow burn. Typical clich├ęs got swept away with gory good FX and a strong finish by actresses Carlyn Burchell and Sharni Vinson. I enjoyed the middle to end."

Four would-be kidnappers plan the taking of a diamond dealer's daughter to ransom. Their careful planning lead to the house on Willow Street and upon entering the dark home, the four adults see various strange symbols that are the first clue to the viewer that all is not well within the house on Willow Street.  Katherine is secreted away and taken to an unknown location and chained to a chair. 

Hazel (Sharni Vinson/You're Next) commented that it looked like they had rescued Katherine from the house, which is the second clue. Katherine begs the kidnappers to "save yourselves" and "release me" they typical rote of any victim; however the kidnappers should have heeded the warning and released her.

The kidnappers videoed their victim and wished to send to her father, unfortunately problems arise. The parents of Katherine could not be reached. They ring all their numbers and it became evident that something was amiss and two of the kidnappers returned to the house. After one scary encounter the two men return with a tape that reveals the horrors surrounding the reputation of the Willow Street house and gives further insight to the woman they have chained. She harbored a secret that will affect each of them. 

Fans of demons and exorcisms may like this film. I was unsure of what I was getting myself into and the first part of the film was slow and I was left caring little for the characters and wishing them all a fast death for the boredom that I felt as I struggled to stay awake. Once the tape was introduced to the kidnappers, ghosts appeared and a demon made his presence felt and seen. I sat up straighter in my chair and took notice and for the second half of the film. 

I did come to care, but not for the kidnappers...for the demon possessed Katherine! She was the true star of this story. Her transformation from scared victim to a powerful entity was breathtaking. The gory effects were very entertaining and the best part of the demon was the barbed snake-like tongue that seemed to have no end, when it exited Katherine's mouth. WICKED! The strongest of characters were Katherine (Carlyn Burchell/12 Monkeys, Lizzie Borden Chronicles) and Hazel (Sharni Vinson). 

Sacrifices were made and Hazel was left to face the demon known as the "Devourer of Tormented Souls". The ending was explosive! I would recommend this film, however it is a one-time watch for me. I wouldn't look for it on DVD or Blu-ray, perhaps Red Box or as an Amazon rental. 

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