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Director: Ryan Bellgardt
VOD July 11, 2017

3 Out of 5 

"Gremlin...passes the cursed box to a loved one, when you care to send the very best of madness, blood and death. It's a freaking horror Hallmark!
Charred Remains Reviews

Adam and Julie Thatcher along with teenage daughter Anna and young son Charlie moves in with Julie's grandmother after the death of their son Henry. One afternoon just before dinner, Julie's uncle arrives with a package for his mother. It's a box that he tells his mother to pass it on to someone she loves. She asked if it was a game and Jim who is desperate to get rid of the box confirmed it was a game and one that she must get rid of before the timer goes off. 

Inside her house is a tightly wound family grieving the loss of their son and with this "gift" their lives become such a mess that this viewer felt sorry for them early on in the film. Sitting at the head of the table is Adam an architect who is cheating on his wife, Julie a mother trying to keep it all together and Charlie who has issues since the death of his brother. In walks Grandmother with a box. She relays the information that her son gave her and promptly gives the box to Adam. So begins the nightmare for the Thatchers.

Later that evening while all were in bed, (minus teenager Anna who was out with boyfriend) the box opens and out comes the creature that lives inside it. Charlie hears a noise and goes in search of the sound and opens the door to his grandmother's room to see the creature stabbing her. He screams. The police arrive and Adam and Julie are asked many questions. As the detective is about to leave Charlie speaks up saying the creature in the box came out and killed his grandmother. The ramblings of a disturbed child go unheeded. 

Throughout the movie one by one loved ones are picked off and it becomes a deadly game to stay ahead of the creature who is hell bent on killing all the loved ones of the Thatcher family. 

My thoughts...

"Gremlin is like a horror Hallmark gift...which simply says, I'm sorry, I love you to death."

I had misgivings right at the start when you see the creature in opening scene with Uncle Henry. I really do not like to see the "monster" at the beginning of a film. I like to be teased and shown very little and then...BAM bring out the full monster! Gremlin didn't do that and for me it was a mark against the film. Starting the beginning with a negative quickly faded away as I sat back and watched the story. 

A family dealing with grief, adultery and teenager growing pains is more than enough to deal without the added creature that was bestowed upon them innocently by a kind grandmother. As the story unfolded, I watched in horror as victims began to pile up and the true horror was the way Adam Thatcher dealt with things. Scary. Someone is killed in his home on the heels of Julie's grandmother and what does he do? Call the cops? NO, he puts the body in the basement, thus building suspicion in my mind of what truly happened to his deceased son. Hmmm, I wasn't alone in wondering, the police started putting pieces together and later when they arrived chaos was running amok and they were in for the shock of their lives...Charlie's monster was running loose in the front yard. I loved that scene. 

An hour into the story an explanation is given and it's a cool one. At first, I thought it was going to be left to the imagination of the viewer, but it was given by a gypsy friend of one of the detectives. A gypsy...gotta love it. 

My gripes for this film are not much other than the opening scene showing the creature too soon. The other is when Adam tried to destroy the box. He threw it in a lake and came home to the box. Crazy right? Funny. He tried a mallet, a saw and then he lights a match and throws it in garbage can. He goes back into the house moments later and there's the box...without one scar after all the hard work of trying to destroy it. Look, if a mallet or saw can't destroy a metal cursed box, what makes the writer think fire will? 

Gremlin is a Horror Hallmark and one that was fun to watch. Far from the Gremlins from the 80's, there's nothing cute about this creature...he's after one thing blood of your loved ones. I recommend it for a fun watch. It comes out on VOD July 11, 2017. Give it a chance. Fans of puppeteers and creature features, may enjoy this film. I did.

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