Horror Trivia Game 2016

 Charred Remains Horror Trivia Game 

October 2016 is little over a month away and the excitement is already building for all horror fans favorite holiday...HALLOWEEN.  

For the last five years I've hosted a month long horror trivia game. Each week players competed for a weekly prize package filled with indie horror Dvds, posters, t-shirts, etc. The game was started to give my readers a chance to see the indie horror films I was reviewing and a fun way to learn about things related to horror movies/books spanning last fifty years in horror.

The game developed a following of repeat players who have said, they look forward to October each year to play the game. 2015 had over 1500 people competing for the prize packages estimated values up to a $100 a box. Items in the packages were donated by indie actresses, actors, directors, other horror fans and distribution companies whose films were in the boxes. 2016 the game gets a face lift and a new home.

"Do You Want to Play a Game?"

Remember POP Quizzes in school? Oh, how we would groan about them. Well, this year's Horror Trivia is a month long test of your horror knowledge (open book allowed). You will be given points for correct answers, points for sharing the event and more points for any of your friends who join the game. 

The game will start one week early on September 26 with the first prize package giveaway October 4th. A Facebook event page will open September 1st and be open until after the first week of November at which time it will end the 2016 game. 


Quiz questions will be posted at Midnight on September 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30. Players will submit answers along with their name and address via email to charredremainsreviews@gmail.com by midnight Eastern time on Saturday nights: October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 & 31.  

Answers and points will be tallied and on Sunday night the player who scored the highest on his/her quiz will be the winner. In the event in which more than one player had the same high score a live drawing via Facebook or Youtube will be held. The winner's name will be posted in the Facebook Event page as well as on the website.


Weekly quiz will consist of ten questions plus one bonus.

Correct Answer - 1 point
Correct Bonus Answer - 2 points
Players who submit a trivia question - 2 points 
Sharing the link to the website - 3 points (Allowed 5 shares a week)
Sharing the link to the Facebook Event page - 4 points (Allowed 5 shares a week)
Like the Charred Remains Reviews Facebook page - 4 points
Players who promote Swag Donors - 4 points (Allowed 5 shares a week)
Friends invited by player who joins the game - 5 per friend
Share the Facebook pages of anyone who donates prizes to the game - 5 points (Once a week)


The questions will come from the Internet and from Char's personal viewing of horror films or reading of horror fiction. Credit will be given to websites. Questions will be asked from 1950's to Current. Players may use any means necessary to acquire their answers. It is a open book quiz. Google is allowed. The game can be used to educate as well as entertain.


Anyone caught posting answers to quizzes on their pages, website or the event page will receive a demerit and will be removed from the week. IF you accrue 3 demerits, you will be banned from playing the current or any future games. 

Can I Play?

The game is open to the United States, Canada and UK. The cost of shipping is so high, but faithful players from Canada and UK return each year, therefore the game is open to Canada and the UK. 


Winners are encouraged to post pictures of their prize packages in the event's page. Char will post them on the website. As a courtesy, please contact Char to notify her that you have received your package and the same courtesy should you not. 

Week 1 - Christopher Haney

Week 2 - Jim Henning

Week 3 - Kristin Kology

Week 4 - Jeff Jordan

Week 5 - Jeff Patrick

Most shares goes to Kristin Kology!!!

Congratulations to all my winners!

Donations Welcome

Any horror distributor, director, sales rep, actor/actresses, authors, publisher, magazine, musicians, etc., who would like to donate HORROR SWAG to the game please contact Char at Charredremainsreviews@gmail.com or through the Charred Remains Reviews Facebook page.

ALL Donors to the game will be promoted by the website and Charred Remains Reviews Facebook page. Players can score extra points for sharing donors!

Here's the link to the Facebook Event Page 1 of 6.

(event pages good for two weeks and we have all of 

October and first week of November)

Week 1 & 2

September 26 - October 8 

Week 3 & 4

October 8 - October 22

Donors for 2016 and Promotion Links
Give these folks some love...they are the reasons there are prizes this year. 

Special thank you and much appreciation from Char Hardin to my donors! Love y'all!

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