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Week 1 & 2 (has ended winner to be announced 10-10-16)

Week 1

 Charred Remains Horror Trivia Quiz
Correct Answers – 1pt
 rules for the game.

Congratulations Christopher Haney who is the winner of Week 1

1. Who is the main character of the cable show, Penny Dreadful? A. Vanessa Ives, B. Penny Dreadful, C. Boy George, D. Satan. Answer: A. Vanessa.

2. Did Charleton Heston ever star in a horror film? If so, name the film. Answer: Yes, The Awakening (1980).

3.. True or False actor Matt Dillion returns in Season 2 of Wayward Pines? Answer False.

4. In the gothic TV show Dark Shadows, how did Barnabas Collins become a vampire? A. Lestat bit him, B. He was born a vampire, C. His lover sent a vampire to bite him, D. Nicholas Blair cursed him. Answer: C. His lover sent a vampire to bite him.

5. Where was the original Blair Witch film filmed? A. Las Vegas, B. Kentucky, C. Maryland, D. None of these.  C. Maryland.

6. In Phantasm, who was the voice of the priest at Tommy’s funeral? A. A. Michael Baldwin, B. James Earl Jones, C. Angus Scrimm, D. Reggie Bannister. Answer: C. Angus Scrimm.

7. Ash VS. Evil Deal marks the first appearance of Bruce Campbell as Ash since what film? What Year? ___  ___  Does not include his cameo at the end of The Evil Dead remake (2013). Answer:  Evil Dead: Regeneration (2005).

8. Which of the following television series did not air during 1970’s? A. Night Gallery, B.The Veil, C. Dark Shadows, D. Nightmare Theatre.  Answer: B. The Veil (1958).

9. What do these names have in common? A. Zacherley The Cool Ghoul, B. Morgus The Magnificent, C. Elvira, D. Vampira.  Answer: They were Horror Tv Hosts.

10. What is the main character of these movies: Blood Surf, Primeval, Rogue, Lake Placid?
Answer: Crocodile.

Extra Credit (2pts)
Who was the host of The Veil? Boris Karloff

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Week 2

Congratulations Jim Henning is the winner of Week 2

 Charred Remains Horror Trivia Quiz
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Players will submit answers along with their name and address via email to charredremainsreviews@gmail.com by midnight Eastern on
 Saturday night October 8th

1. Who said, “My grandfather use to work for your grandfather. Of course the rates have gone up.” Answer Igor, Young Frankenstein

2. What was Captain Spaulding’s nickname from his girl-friend? (The Devil’s Rejects) Answer Poopie.

3.  What was the real name of the main seagull used in 2016 horror drama, The Shallows? A. Steven Seagull, B. Gaviota, C. Sully, D. Sullivan. Answer C. Sully.

4. What was the first choice of title for The Shallows? Answer – In the Deep.

5. The horror film The VVitch is set how many years before the infamous “Salem Witch Trials”? A. 20, B. 32, C. 62, D. 44. Answer C. 62.

6. Subspecies had a spin-off called what? A. Vampire Diaries, B. Blood Ties, C. Embrace the Vampire, D. Vampire Journals

7. Based on this synopsis name the 1992 horror film and the main character’s real name.

 A psychotic killer escapes from a mental hospital and returns to his family home in Moorehigh, the town where his father practices and saw ___descent into madness. Answer – Dr. Giggles/Larry Drake.

8. In 2012 film House at the End of the Street, Jordan Hayes is credited as “Penn State Carrie Anne, however the college ID that Elissa finds in the trash reveals her name is actually: A. Peggy Sue, B.Billie Jean, C. Peggy Johns, D. Priscilla Barnes. Answer – C. Peggy Johns.

9. Richard Matheson’s book, Hell House features four people hired by a dying millionaire to prove the existence of the supernatural by spending the weekend in a haunted house. One of them, Benjamin Franklin Fischer is special. Why? A. He is a psychic, B. Only survivor of the previous investigation, C.He’s the only African-American, D. He’s really a she. Answer – B. Only Survivor.

10. Edgar Allen Poe’s story, The Cask of Amontillado…what is amontillado? A. Gold Treasure, B. sherry/a kind of wine, C. The last name of the murderer, D. Name of a fort. Answer – B. sherry/a kind of wine.

Bonus Question

A man witnesses a scene of chaos and mayhem after an electronic signal turns people into rabid killers. The man is desperate to find his family and he teams up with a train driver to battle the horde of murderous “phoners”. Name the 2016 movie based on a what popular horror fiction writer’s book of the same name.  Stephen King’s The Cell.

Week 3

 Charred Remains Horror Trivia Quiz
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Players will submit answers along with their name and address via email to charredremainsreviews@gmail.com by midnight Eastern 10-16-16.

1.  Lights Out (2016) True or False, the house used in the film was also used in M. Night Shymalan's Signs (starring Mel Gibson). 

2. In the 2016 horror film The Visit who suffers from incontinence? A. Nana, B. Pop-Pop, C. Becca, D. Kanye West

3. Deadly Revisions directed by Gregory Blair used what structure for exterior shots? A. Nightmare on Elm Street  Nancy's House, B. Michael Myer's house from Halloween, C.Friday the 13th Part 4, D. None of these. 

4. Poltergeist III how do the ghost try to pull Carol-Anne through to the other side? Who played Carol-Anne in all three movies? 

5. Wishmaster (1987) Which word is missing from this passage read at the beginning of the film" "once in a time before time God breathed life unto the universe, and the light gave birth to ____" A. Djihn, B. Lilith, C. Genies, D. Angels.

6. 1989 Warlock had a scene called the "breaking lady" in which the original scene was supposed to be What?_________

 Because it was deemed "too gruesome" it was replaced with the Warlock plucking the eyes out of the channeler true or false?

7. What popular comedy show forced the changing of "Land Sharks" to Tremors? And why?

8. What do these films share in common: Tintorera , Open Water, The Reef. Dark Tide? 

9. Which one of these is NOT a character from the Puppet Master: A. Jester, B. Decapitron, C. Blade, D. Chucky.

10. Based on the below synopsis written by David Hayter name this 2014 "furry" film, plus the name of the lunatic and the town. 

 "… Forced to hit the road after the murder of his parents, Cayden wanders, lost, without purpose...until he meets a certifiable lunatic ___, who sets him on a path to the ominous town of ____Ridge, to hunt down the truths of his history..."

Bonus Question

The star set to play Aquaman (Name these two films in which Aquaman will be featured 2017/2018) also stars in the answer to #10. What's his name and what's his characters' name in the answer of #10?

Answers for Week 3 will post Wednesday night.

Charred Remains Horror Trivia Quiz Week 4
Refer to www.charredremainsreviews.com for rules.
Players will submit answers along with their name and address via email to charredremainsreviews@gmail.com by midnight Eastern 10/23/16.

1. What American horror film was the first to show a toilet on screen, as well as have the sound of it flushing?

2. Director John Carpenter wanted originally name his “Halloween” film what? A. All Hallows Eve, B. The Druid, C. Killer on the Loose, D. The Babysitter Murders.

3. Who was the female who directed The Babadook? A. Jen Soska, B. Jennifer Lynch, C. Jennifer Warren, D. Jennifer Kent.

4. The Blair Witch Project was filmed in how many days? A. 5, B. 8, C.10 D. 30.

5. Wes Craven’s Freddy was inspired by a childhood bully named _____ .

6. How many times was the word “Vampire” said in Let the Right One In? A. 1, B. 5, C.9 D. None of these.

7. Name the horror/thriller in which the REAL FBI Behavioral Science Unit actually assisted in the production? A. The Hills Have Eyes, B. Silence of the Lambs, C. Seven, D. Halloween (Zombie).

8. Real Skeletons were used on this set. Name the 1982 Horror/Supernatural film. 

9. ____ was the first Italian film to use Steadicam. A. Phantasm, B. Lust of the Vampire, C. Black Sunday, D. Suspiria.
10. What 1973 horror film did Christopher Lee offer to be in without being paid? 

Extra Credit (will post Wednesday night 10-19-16.

Charred Remains Horror Trivia Quiz Week 5
Refer to www.charredremainsreviews.com for rules.
Players will submit answers along with their name and address via email to charredremainsreviews@gmail.com by midnight Eastern 10/30/16.

Week 5 Quiz

Bela Lugosi turned down the role as the Monster in the 1931 film ____________.

Child Actress _____ played the cursed girl, Samara Morgan from the 2002 movie ____________. She was also the voice of Lilo in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.

In the 2006 movie ____________, there is a scene in which the male flight attendant throws a snake into the microwave. The button he pushes to cook actually reads "Snake".

______ received a permanent spinal injury during filming of ____________. In a sequence where she was thrown away from her possessed daughter, a harness jerked her from the bed. ____fell on her coccyx and screamed out in pain, which was filmed.

Director Tim Burton originally wanted ________. to play the lead role in his 1988 Horror/Comedy ____________.

The name of the ship in ___(first name?) O'Bannon's script for the 1979 film ____________came from the 1904 novel written by _____, titled _____.

Actor ________ was originally set to star in the 1990 film ____________before it went to Liam Neeson.

Jamie Lee Curtis was paid ______ for her role as Laurie Strode in the 1978 film ________.

John Larroquette was the narrator in the 1974 film ____________.

In the 1987 movie ____________, Kiefer Sutherland was only meant to wear black gloves when riding the motorbike. However, while messing around on the bike he fell off, breaking
his ____, which forced him to wear the gloves through the whole movie to cover his cast.

Christopher Lee actually played the role of the Creature in the 1957 film ______________ a year before he ever starred as Dracula.

Nicolas Cage had to eat a live ______ in the 1989 film ____________which took him three takes.

For the 1994 film ____________, Anne Rice initially voiced her objections to the casting of ____ as ____; but, after seeing the finished film, she paid $7,740 for a two-page ad in Daily Variety praising his performance and apologizing for her previous doubts about the film.

In the 1985 film ____________, Roddy McDowell's Character Peter Vincent, was taken from horror masters Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

In the 1982 film ____________, the Norwegian camp scenes were actually the charred remains (HAHA--Charred Remains) of the American site from the end of the film. Rather than go to the expense of building and burning down another camp, Carpenter re-used the destroyed American camp.

DO NOT POST ONLINE Email Answers to Char. Deadline is Sunday 10 pm Eastern. Winners announced Halloween night before Midnight on youtube.
This is test 1 of 5! More will be popping up this week.
Each correct answers is worth 2 pts.
Share Char's website Charred Remains Reviews and/or the donors up to 5 times this week for 25 pts!

POP Quiz 1


1. In Schultz's Halloween special with Charlie Brown and the gang, Linus goes into the pumpkin patch to wait for whom?
2. In "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", who waits with Linus?
3. In Great Pumpkin, what does Charlie Brown get from people when he goes Trick or Treating?
4. Same special: When Lucy sticks her head into the bucket while playing bobbing for apples, what does she pull out (besides an apple)?
5. Moving onto film. Who is the boogeyman that comes for you in your dreams?
6. How did Freddie Krueger originally die?
7. What occupation did Freddie's mother have?
8. What famous actor made his big screen debut in the first "Nightmare on Elm St" movie?
9. Recite the children's rhyme from "Nightmare on Elm St".
10. Name the horror movie that already has 10 sequels.
11. In "Friday the 13th X", when does the story approximately take place?
a) 4 thousand years in the past
b) 4 hundred years in the past
c) 4 hundred years in the future
d) 4 thousand years in the future
12. In the "Friday the 13th" movies, what is the name of the camp?
13. What is Jason's last name?
14. In "Child's Play", what is the name of the little boy?
15. Chucky the doll is possessed by:
a) the midnight strangler
b) the lakeshore strangler
c) the midnight slasher
d) the lakeshore slasher
16. Where does Andy's mom get the doll?
17. How much does Andy's mom pay for the doll?
18. What famous horror movie is responsible for the catch phrase "They're here"?
19. In "Poltergeist", what pulls Robbie (the son) under the bed?
20. In "Poltergeist", how many children are in the family?
21. At the very end of the original "Poltergeist", what does the father put outside of their motel room?
22. What scream-queen starred in the original (yes, they are making a new version *sigh*) "Prom Night"?
23. What city was the original "Prom Night" movie filmed in?
23. What was the title of the sequel to "Prom Night"?
24. In "Prom Night", what secret does the main group of students share?
25. In the movie "Halloween", what is the name of the killer?
26. In "Halloween", Michael's mask is the mold of what famous actor's face?
27. Name 3 Stephen King novels or stories that have been made into scary movies (not made for t.v. movies).
28. In the movie "Carrie", what did Carrie get drenched in onstage?
29. In "Hell Raiser", what is the villain called?

30. In "A Nightmare Before Christmas", what is the ghost-dog's name?

Pop Quiz 2
  1. What was used for blood in the movie "Psycho"?
    • Catsup
    • Corn syrup and food coloring
    • Chocolate Syrup
    • Real Blood
  2. The movie "When a Stranger Calls" is based on which urban legend?
    • Some one hiding in your backseat
    • The kidney thief
    • The babysitter and the stranger upstairs
    • The ever ringing telephone
  3. In the movie "Carrie", how does Carrie kill her mother?
    • Burns her
    • Hangs her
    • Knifes her
    • Shoots her
  4. What was the name of the boy who drown in "Friday the Thirteen"?
    • Billy Scott
    • Jeremy Willis
    • Jason Vorhees
    • Mikey Riese
  5. What horror movie featured a gourmet cannibal?
    • Friday the 13th
    • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • Silence of the Lambs
    • Burnt Offerings
  6. Which movie, starring Brad Pitt, featured the Seven Deadly Sins from the Bible?
    • Fear No Evil
    • Seven
    • I Know What You Did Last Summer
    • Saw
  7. What Horror movie makes you believe that everyone has died, when they have not?
    • Friday the 13th
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
    • April Fool's Day
    • Carrie
  8. Who was the first to play Frankenstein in the movies, in 1931?
    • Boris Karloff
    • Bela Lugosi
    • Charles Ogle
    • Charlie Chaplin
  9. Who was the first to play Dracula in the movies?
    • Charlie Chaplin
    • Boris Karloff
    • Charles Ogle
    • Bela Lugosi

  10. What movie is a musical spin off of the movie Frankenstein?
    • Frankenstein's Daughter
    • Son of Frankenstein
    • Bride of Frankenstein
    • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  11. What famous villian stalks children in their dreams?
    • Jason Vorhees
    • Leatherface
    • Freddy Kreuger
    • Hannibal Lector
  12. In which Steven King movie do the characters battle a clown named Pennywise?
    • Carrie
    • Christine
    • It
    • Tommyknockers
  13. How many times has the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre been made?
    • 3
    • 4
    • 2
    • 1
  14. Who was the psycho in the movie Halloween?
    • Freddy Kreuger
    • Pennywise
    • Jason Vorhees
    • Micheal Myers
  15. In which movie were the characters at Camp Crystal Lake?
    • Nightmare on Elm Street
    • Friday the 13th
    • Halloween
    • I Know What You Did Last Summer
  16. Who was Micheal Myers' first victim at age 6?
    • His mother
    • His teacher
    • His sister
    • The town sherriff
  17. In the Movie "Christine", what kind of car was she?
    • Ford Fairlane
    • Dodge Dart
    • Plymouth Fury
    • Chevy Impala
  18. In the movie "Child's Play", what was Chuckie?
    • A stuffed animal
    • A good guy's doll
    • A new hot wheel car
    • A monkey
  19. In what movie did Jack Nicholson play Jack Torrance?
    • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    • Psycho
    • Christine
    • The Shining
  20. Who was the father of Rosemary's Baby?
    • Santa Claus
    • Satan
    • Guy Rosemary's husband
    • The mailman
  21. In" Psycho", what was Norman Bates' mother's name?
    • Mary
    • Susan
    • Norma
    • Helen
  22. In "The Exorcist", what was the little girl's name?
    • Regan
    • Susie
    • Sara
    • Katherine
  23. In the movie "The Omen", who hangs themselves at Damien's fifth birthday party?
    • His mother
    • His brother
    • His nanny
    • His priest
  24. In "Nightmare on Elm Street", what colors are Freddy Krueger's sweater?
    • Black and Gold
    • Red and Green
    • Red and Black
    • Purple and Gold
  25. What kind of creature was "The Thing"?
    • Sea Monster
    • Mummy
    • Space Alien
    • A man made monster

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