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By Char Hardin

Once upon a time the dead rose and fire rained down a night of terror and pain. Nah, actually Lily got bored with her marriage and she packed up her shit, dog and stole her husband’s cherry red mustang convertible and sped out of town. Curses flew as tires screeched and so begins the next chapter in Lily’s story.


The night air was heavy with moisture and the wind whipped her hair against a battered face swollen and inflamed. The painful reminder of her last night as Mrs. Jake Orloton would haunt those she left behind, but the fresh bruises and split lip only spurred Lily onward. She slammed her foot down on the as she grasped the steering wheel firmly with both hands, she glanced up at her rear-view mirror and watched as her home grew smaller and smaller.  A strangled sound escaped her raw throat where Jake had squeezed her by the throat.  She swallowed her tears and shouted, “I’m free! I’m free you son of a bitch!”

Lily slowed the car down at the main red-light in town and she glanced over the backseat to see her trusted chocolate lab Duke. He was huddled down on the floorboard. He lifted his head up and his big brown eyes peered into hers. The animal searched for an answer to what happened, he found nothing and he lowered his head and closed his eyes. His mistress had a plan…he was sure of it. She must or else, she would still be mopping up the blood she left in the kitchen.

The light turned green and Lily paused. She was at a crossroad. She still had time to return home and clean up the mess she left. She could figure out what to do with the body. She could claim it had been self-defense, but she knew her brother in-law the town’s sheriff would have other ideas and she couldn’t risk the questions that would come. She knew she couldn’t talk her way out of the situation therefore the decision to leave and fast was her only option that would keep her free. IF she stayed, she would be in jail before the morning and that was not an option.

The last sound she heard before she stomped the gas was the tiny ping of her wedding band as it hit the pavement and then she peeled out of town.  Good-bye Jake, Good-bye Madisonville, I am free! 

Sheriff Kyle Orloton was awakened by the shrill sound of his cell phone. He rolled over and slapped a meaty hand over the top of the phone. He fumbled in the dark to flip the phone open. His wife shifted and moaned in her sleep. Kyle grappled with the phone and finally got it opened, when the damn thing went still in his hand. He slapped it down on his bedside table and made to lean back down as the cell phone shrieked again. This time, he jerked the phone up and answered, “Sheriff Orloton, who the hell are you?”

Kyle stiffened. He recognized the hysterical woman on the other end, “I’m on my way Ma!”

Kyle leapt up from the bed, grabbed his pants and jerked his boots on. Peggy stirred and sat up. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes in time to see her husband’s back. The front door was opened and slammed shut. She hurried to the front room and heard Kyle’s truck roar. He put the truck into reverse and spun the truck around. The headlights tore into the darkness and she watched as he hit every pot-hole and bounced to the end of the long driveway. Within seconds he was gone, but she heard the truck as it sped to whatever emergency that awaited her husband. She felt a chill creep up her spine.

Sheriff Kyle raced through the sleepy town of Madisonville. His mind tried to wrap around what his mother described on the phone. She was hysterical and his gut told him to simply hurry.  He cursed the sharp curves on Dummyline road that led to his brother’s place. He didn’t know what he would find, but the one thing his mother kept screaming, “Hurry Kyle, there’s so much blood, so much BLOOD!”

Kyle wasn’t prepared for the sight that met him. He pulled up to his brother’s house and his heart stopped. His mother Mary sat on the front steps covered in blood. He knew Jake drank and on several occasions had been called out to the house to pull his brother off his sister-in-law.  Fear gripped his stomach as he braced for the worst. He knew he would most likely walk in to find Lily dead, but instead…he found his brother in pieces…all over the kitchen floor. 



Lily drove through the night and on into the late afternoon of the following day. She felt the need to put as much distance between her and Jake as possible. She stopped for gas and a drive-thru for food. She tossed scraps in the back for Duke. She talked to him as she drove. She explained that things hadn’t been right with her and Jake that she felt stifled.

Duke, don’t be mad at me. I just couldn’t take another boring day being Jake’s house slave. I cooked, cleaned and fucked that man daily. He didn’t love me Duke; he just wanted to own me. I couldn’t go to the grocery store without him. I couldn’t go anywhere without him. He picked out my clothes, he told me what I could and couldn’t eat, hell Duke, and he even told me how to fuck him. I mean Jesus H. Christ; I don’t need direction in sex!

On and on she droned as her words fell on deaf ears. Duke ignored his mistress and prayed for a semi to run them down and put him out of his misery. Duke’s feelings didn’t matter to Lily. He was just a thing to drag around for company, when life didn’t go her way. Dreams of death filled his head and in each one it was Lily who died and he broke away to live a life without her. It could happen, he thought, yeah keep dreaming dummy.

Two states away, Lily felt was far enough. She was stiff and needed a hot shower and a clean bed to lay down her body and rest. Duke needed to stretch his legs and to relieve himself. She saw a sign that read, SPRINGFIELD in two miles. She flicked on the blinker and pulled off at the next exit. She paused at the stop sign and sighed. She tried to draw in a deep breath and pain ripped up and down her side. She felt along her rib-cage and winced with pain. She figured she had bruised her ribs in her struggle with Jake and the chainsaw.

Thoughts of blood and pain flickered through her mind of her final moment with her late husband, never again would he control her destiny and never again would he touch her in anger. Lily’s anger had simmered over her long drive and reared its ugly head for a moment, but her body and mind were tired and she needed to find somewhere to recoup. She ignored the pain and tiredness that plagued her and drove onward. She hadn’t gone far, when she saw a billboard for a bed and breakfast cottage a few more miles up the road.

Well, Duke, we are going to stay with Shirley Myers at Shirley’s Bed and Breakfast five miles ahead.

Duke farted. Great bitch, that’s just marvy-poo.

Shirley's Bed and Breakfast


  1. Ok so now you have left me on tender hooks Char lol. This is awesome and i know it will just get better and better. I need to know what happens to Lily and Guke :)

  2. Thank you Jillian! More coming tonight. :)